Holy Hamburger!! Skip The Lunchtime Line With Streamlined Solutions

September 11, 2012

Say you only have 30 minutes for your lunch break at work. And you’re REALLY hungry for a juicy burger from your favorite fast food chain. All of us in the workforce know that 30 minutes sometimes just isn’t enough time for fast food.

But we’re all in luck! This burger chain has streamlined its process. Fatburger has implemented an online ordering system that allows you to skip the line. Lunch-timers can place their orders on the Fatburger website or via a smartphone app and select a pick up time.

Holy Hamburger! This may seem like a simple operation, but the idea took some supply-chain masterminding. So give the office intern your credit card —  you can now ACTUALLY get fast food in a hurry. And the new plan is agreeing with Fatburger customers. Sales are up 30% in the first month alone.

Ernest Packaging Solutions creates nifty supply chain shortcuts for its clients daily. Using our CURE philosophy we listen to our clients’ needs and craft an Mmm-mazing response based on those needs.

So maybe once Fatburger starts delivering those burgers to all of their hungry clients, they’ll give our engineers a call! Until then — is it lunchtime yet? All of this burger talk is making us HUNGRY!