Keep it Quirky! Cardboard Pranksters Turn Into Viral Internet Superstars

October 16, 2012

It’s been found that allowing your employees to have a little F-U-N at the office will increase productivity. So if your boss is like Michael Scott from “The Office” — only with a better sense of humor — you can appreciate the way that good humor and laughter sparks creativity and innovation.

These office pranksters took their creativity to the next level, and ended up on the Reddit Top 10 for their sneaky antics. And who knew that CARDBOARD could lead to creative office pranks?


Nickelodeon’s creative team wanted to make one of their co-workers feel like he was on vacation at work. So that just goes to show, using forts to foster imaginative thinking isn’t just for kids!

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we are huge fans of a creative work environment. That’s why we recently revamped our blog, “The Ernest Buzz” to keep you up to date on the latest quirky packaging news.

But WAIT, there’s more! Our president Tim is constantly coming up with new challenges to show other Ernest employees that he’s dedicated to keeping the environment modern and fun.  Just take a trip to our

Innovation Lab if you don’t believe us!

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we give this quirky cardboard condo TWO THUMBS UP!