Man Stranded In The Desert Repackages Car Into Motorcycle, Rides Into Sunset Like A Boss

August 01, 2012

Here’s a hypothetical: You’ve wrecked your car in a conflict area in the African desert. Like, you really wrecked it. That car ain’t goin’ nowhere. It’s hot. You’re sweating bullets — partly because it’s sweltering, but mostly because you’re fearing for your life. Darkness will descend in a few hours, and is that a skink you just saw? Who knows what else might be lurking out there!

So what in the world do you do?!?

Oh, and P.S.: It’s the early ’90s, so you have no cellphone. Kinda threw a wrench into any plan you might have been devising, eh?

As it turns out, this scary situation wasn’t a hypothetical for Emile Leray, according to Gizmodo. In 1993, this dude actually had this happen to him … and lived to tell the tale.

How did he pull it off?

Here’s how:

car to motorcycle
image via

What!?! This. Is. Ah. Mazing.

So what are we seeing here?

According to JohnDksn on Reddit:

  • The chassis was reduced to the central part, the front and back (longerons) have been taken off
  • Roller transmission: the brake drum is in vertical alignment with the back wheel, the rotation direction requires to drive in reverse, at 20km/h max

According to Gizmodo, here are additional details: To create this miraculous escape vehicle, our stranded hero spent 12 whole days — without a garage full of tools, mind you — tearing apart and rebuilding his car into this improvised motorcycle. And then he made it home.

Wow. How cool is that?

We at Ernest Packaging Solutions must say that we admire the heck out of any deep-thinker who can take one thing and repackage it into something completely new, and this Emile Leray is on another level of awesome.

His quirky story of innovation serves as great inspiration to all of us on the Ernest Packaging Solutions team as we put our brain power toward cooking up amazing packaging solutions in the Innovation Lab. Just like Leray, we love to think outside the box.

And while we can’t build you a motorcycle from the scraps of a car, we can definitely set you up with some impressive packaging solutions. Interested? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today.