Packaging Material Art

April 08, 2014

We here at Ernest Packaging Solutions consider ourselves artists. No, we don’t work at Starbucks and take photos of empty chairs on a beach. We create real masterpieces of form and function. And though we may not impress anyone in a SoHo art gallery with our creations, we sure know how to make an impression for our customers.

Like a sculptor works with marble or a painter uses a brush, true artists know how to use their medium. Art is all about what moves you, and what moves us is packaging materials used creatively.

So move over, Monet. Adios, Andy Warhol. Don’t let the door hit you, da Vinci. These are the artists that really speak to packaging fiends like us.

Packing Tape Tunnels
Artist Location: Croatia & Austria
Medium: Packing tape

packaging tape tunnels

For years, the art collective Numan/For Use has been creating installations of tunnels and mazes entirely out of packing tape for people to climb in and enjoy.

Bubble Wrap Portraits – “Injections”
Artist Location: New York City
Medium: Paint-filled bubble wrap

Artist Bradley Hart injects paint into bubble wrap, creating a pixelated – but remarkably recognizable – series. From Steve Jobs to European cityscapes, he makes some pretty outstanding paintings. Just don’t pop the bubble wrap, even though we know you want to oh-so badly.

bubble wrap art

Corrugated Rain Dance
Artist Location: Switzerland
Medium: Corrugated cardboard

Swiss artist Zimoun, along with architect Hannes Zweifel, has created a rather unique installation with 200 corrugated cardboard boxes with DC motors and plastic strands that create an ethereal rain sound. Doesn’t make sense? Watch the video and you’ll see.

Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel : 200 prepared dc-motors, 2000 cardboard elements 70x70cm, 2011 from STUDIO ZIMOUN on Vimeo.

Now that is art we understand, even if we don’t get it.

At Ernest, we believe that in order for items to sell, they must have beautiful design and engaging appeal. To us, that is also art. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to see what we can create together and to see more packaging art, check out Ernest’s Pinterest board!