Packaging Materials Inspire Creativity

October 17, 2017


Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. From brainstorming meetings, from sudden moments of genius, from being a parent of triplets, the list goes on. In the packaging industry, we see companies harness that creativity to break away from the brown box, but sometimes it doesn’t come easy. Luckily, one design firm has seemingly harnessed a way to inspire creativity, and it comes from – you guessed it – packaging materials.

“Wanda” is a dynamic installation created by design firm Landor’s San Francisco branch. Set up in the alley outside Landor’s office, Wanda is made from nothing more than technicolored masking tape and polyester film and is used by members of the firm’s departments to expand their creative approach to projects.

Senior Designer Josh Halstead of Landor explains: “We spent a lot of time thinking about how to focus creativity when there aren’t any boundaries.” Rather than provide a blueprint for creativity, Wanda attempts to spark creative ideas through three avenues of thought:

Wanda hosts cross-departmental meetings, and more participation means broader creative input. The dynamic nature of the installation allows designers to learn through play, and evolve their ideas through experimentation. Its inexpensive materials encourage quick design without fear of failure. After all, praxis makes perfect!

Need we remind you, these great ideas are coming from just playing with tape and plastic sheets! Packaging materials can inspire so much more than simply getting a product from Point A to Point B (although that’s a very important need, too!). At Ernest, we live for Moving Packaging Forward, and we can hardly hold our horses after seeing the creativity inspired by Wanda!

We know how important teamwork is to any creative project, which is why our design specialists collaborate and innovate as a team every day. To see some of the great ideas they’ve created, check out our Cardboard Chaos series, or better yet: call us today to see them in action on your latest packaging project!