Gets a Facelift!

October 17, 2013


Hello out there, everyone!

My name is Pallet Guy, and I’m the ambassador for the woodshop facilities and services available at the San Diego, North Carolina and Los Angeles locations of Ernest Packaging Solutions.

I was born of good stock and even though I don’t like to brag, I grew up hobnobbing with the Pines. Before this gig, I grew up as a shade-giver, which made my employers very happy! Yes, I’ve come a long way since my sapling days.

I’m here to tell you all that my online home has the same address – – but it has turned over a huge new leaf with an awesome, eye-popping new layout to help you understand and navigate all of my services.

This includes designing and building everything from crates and wood boxes, to pallets, skids and industry-specific products as well.

I must say I’m pretty darn excited about this digital makeover. Woodn’t you be if you were me? Now I have an online home where I can show off my woodshop, introduce my creative, innovative and *~QUIRKY~* personality, and let you know all about what we can design, crate and ship for you!!

Go branch out and spread the word — Pallet Guy’s your source!

I want to thank my partners at Ernest Packaging Solutions for my makeover and hope you drop them a line to let them know what you think of my new home.

Looking for a partner with expertise in custom and off-the-shelf wood products? Be sure to contact me, Pallet Guy, or any member of the Ernest family today!