Party Time! Ohio Town Hosts Duct Tape Festival

July 12, 2012

Do you ever wish you could escape to a fantasy land where everything you see, everywhere you look celebrates the glorious packaging material of duct tape?

Hey, you’re not alone! Those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions feel the exact same way and have dreamed of a fantastical duct tape land since we were all teeny-tiny tots playing imaginative games of Packaging Make-Believe in our childhood toy rooms. (Totally normal kiddo behavior, right?)

As we’ve grown up over the years with duct tape, we’ve seen it grow up, too. No longer is it just tape. It’s evolved into a spectacular material with all sorts of functions — and it comes in a whole rainbow of colors!

And each one of them allows you to make a homemade bluetooth headset….

Well, as it turns out, all of us duct tape aficionados can experience a dream come true. One special weekend each year, we can disappear to the magical land of Avon, Ohio, where the best festival ever — a real-life duct tape festival! — honors everyone’s favorite gummy tape with parades, art exhibits, crafting sessions, games, food, entertainment and prizes. Many attendees show up in custom-made fashions created from the tape, and even Miss America has been known to get in on the action in Avon! Ridiculous.

It sounds like the ultimate packaging nerd paradise!

This year’s Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival, held over Father’s Day weekend, was a celebration of the sticky fest’s ninth year. Want to attend next year’s festival but don’t have a babysitter? Well there’s a tape for that.

Duct Tape Babysitter
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