Pizza Gets "Repackaged" -- With Infinitely More Cheeseburgers

April 30, 2012

Pizza and burgers — they’re both seemingly ever-present in life, from childhood summers when kids have awesome pizza- and soda-filled sleepover parties, to nights when twenty-something college students meet up for a burger or a slice and a pint, to late afternoons in full-blown grown-uphood when foodie friends wow guests at every summer barbecue with gourmet burgers featuring toppings like truffles, grilled pineapple, saffron aioli or poached eggs.

It’s doubtless that countless people over the years have dreamed of a perfect union between pizzas and cheeseburgers, combined in one great tasty package. But while clever masterminds of pizza burger recipes have tried their best in the past to “package” the two power foods together, no one has brought pizza and cheeseburgers together quite like this:


Yum! Erm … Yuck? We can’t decide whether this is ridiculously awesome or ridiculously gross. OK, to be on the safe side, we’ll just say it’s probably a little bit of both.

Either way, you have to admit that “repackaging” the pizza to include a bunch of mini burgers probably took an incredible amount of time, trial and error, creativity and arguments over a board-room table where proponents of the product shouted to detractors, “Of course people will love a burgerlicious pizza! Duh!”

Only time will tell if the Crown Crust Burger — only available in the Middle East — will flop or end up trouncing the pizza competition.

But with the Crown Crust Burger’s commercial getting more than half a million views on YouTube in just a few weeks and garnering loads of attention online, it just goes to show you that quirky, cleverly repackaged and marketed classics — whether pizza or some other product — will be sure to draw the eyes of consumers and drum up plenty of enthusiasm.

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