These Puppets Show the Power of Paper

January 23, 2018


They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. At Ernest, it’s impossible NOT to play hard when we’re surrounded by such innovative packaging materials! As we’ve shown in our Cardboard Chaos series, packaging can be a ton of fun if you know what to do with it! On today’s Ernest blog, we’re looking at a creative use of paper – no strings attached!

Recently we talked about some amazing paper creations by Japanese artist Haruki Nakamura. His sculptures show the artistic side of one of the most versatile packaging materials out there, and this time around he’s making his art a bit more hands-on.

Nakamura’s latest creations are paper puppets with exciting twists. Each one has an interactive surprise – take for instance this wolf. When you squeeze his sides, he lifts his head up to reveal he’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Other puppets include a turtle who hides in his shell when squeezed, a giant squid that flips when you push it over and an armadillo that curls into a ball when you poke its back. You can really feel the artist’s enjoyment coming through in these adorable dolls, and we’re so glad to see people having so much fun with packaging materials!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we love paper. So much so that we were invited to SXSW to take part in the Paper and Packaging Board’s Power of Paper event last year! We’re so humbled to be part of an industry that puts so much time and effort into pushing paper to its limits. People interact with paper every day, but for a material that’s nearly 2,000 years old, it’s still got its fair share of surprises up its sleeve!

To learn more about what Ernest Packaging Solutions’ design specialists are capable of doing with paper, cardboard or any other material, give us a call!