Put Away Your Butter Knife! Science Innovators Have Solved the Age-Old Ketchup Debacle

June 06, 2012

FACT: Condiments are an essential part of your eating pleasure. But nothing is more annoying than the struggle to get them out of the bottle and onto your sandwich. Well rest assured, fellow packaging nerds! The long-standing engineering faux-paux has been resolved by fellow innovators.

Initially, this magical formula was used to clean windshield wipers. Then, after careful experimentation, an MIT student came up with an earth-shattering formula. Watch how his addition of non-stick coating lets the ketchup slide out of the bottle with ease:

LiquidGlide isn’t limited to just ketchup. It’s a stress-free solution to mayo, mustard and more! This MIT student was putting his best fashion foot forward when inventing this condiment liquid. Now that it’s after Memorial Day, you can wear white all you want without worrying about splashing BBQ on those flashy summer pants!

See how far a little creativity can get you? While Ernest Packaging Solutions won’t be needing any ketchup to ship your packages, we use this same type of quirky imagination DAILY! We use our artistic flair to quirk up corrugated boxes. We also keep it creative by training our logistics team to cut weight, wrestling style.

It’s no secret that we’re a longstanding fan of all things innovative. Don’t believe us? Just ask our team of experts! For a sampling of the Ernest Packaging Solutions innovations, check out our proprietary products.