Re-Packaging Your Holiday Celebrations With The Ernest Family

December 13, 2012

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re always looking for new, creative ways to do things — and the ways we celebrate the holidays are no exception! So to get inspired for an eclectic holiday season, we dug up a few super rad holiday photos from some revolutionary folks online, and we’d like to share them with you!

Check out these great ideas for re-packaging your holiday season so that your inspiration for the holidays is boosted to the maximum Quirk Factor!

Wrapping paper kitchen
Giftwrap kitchen
image via

Begin your season with some — AHEM! — festive decorations.

Dinosaur Christmas tree
Christmas dinosaur
image via

Be sure to add personal touches to your holiday decor by incorporating some of your favorite things and making them festive — you know, like dinosaurs decorated as a Christmas tree.

Christmas pizza
Holiday pizza
image via

Put a creative spin on the traditional holiday dinner.

Christmas lights wrapped around wrapping paper tube
Christmas lights wrapped around wrapping paper tube
image via

And use your smarts to make clean-up after the holidays quick and painless — like with this innovative use of a wrapping paper tube!

Happy holidays from the Ernest Family of Companies! Wishing you a safe, happy and quirky season!!!