Snubbed at Nationals: The Ernest ADDYs Saga Continues

July 27, 2017


Ah, summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and two shiny new awards are glistening on our trophy display. This March Ernest was awarded two ADDY awards at the Silicon Valley American Advertising Awards, part of the world’s largest advertising competition which receives 40,000 entries each year. We’ve earned a veritable bounty of ADDYs on the regional level (and some Tellys, too), so this year we’re asking one simple question:  

Who did we upset to get stiffed for so long at the National competition?

We can’t help but commiserate with all those superstars who are still yearning for their first Oscar. Sure, we sweep up at regional competitions, but for all our award-winning content we’ve been robbed at the national-level American Advertising Awards year after year. It’s high time we get to the bottom of this massive oversight! Like Leo, our time is coming!!!

We’re racking our brains to figure out what we may have done to make the judges turn the other cheek from the awesome advertising behind our equally innovative packaging solutions for so long. These are the best explanations we could come up with:

Maybe our 70th Anniversary video didn’t sit right with any monkey’s uncles that may have been on the judging panel. (Silver ADDY, 2017)

As if that wasn’t enough, our Not Hiring campaign sure wasn’t sensitive to Judge-o-Tron 3000. (Silver ADDY, 2017)

Looking back to last year, it’s possible our awesome corrugated skating skills were far too gnarly to handle. (Gold ADDY, 2016)

We must admit, our radical factor was pretty high in 2016. Did we shred too hard on the cardboard Stratocaster for their liking? (Silver ADDY, 2016)

They could still be jealous about that time we met Bigfoot himself, in the flesh. Well, in the hair, at least. (Silver ADDY, 2014)

Or maybe, when it comes down to it, Pallet Guy just gave someone a splinter. (Bronze ADDY, 2014)

Whatever the reason, we’re incredibly honored to take home two new ADDYs this year. At each competition, we go toe to toe with global brands, and we couldn’t be more pleased to share the spotlight with names like Microsoft, Intel and the NBA.

We’re proud of every member of the Ernest Packaging Solutions family who made this possible and are already clearing space on the shelf for next year’s victories. But more to the point, we live for the everyday victories we bring to the table with our packaging solutions for clients like you. Contact us today for to start your next award-inspiring project!