Talk About Style: Gigantic Boombox Is A Rockin' Use of Packaging Materials

November 29, 2012

Wow, this picture kind of speaks for itself: That’s one major cardboard boombox!

The giant radio, crafted from cardboard by artist Bartek Elsner, is seriously stylish! And on top of being a great piece of packaging eye candy, it’s fully functioning, with the stereo’s thumping sound powered by the battery of the Mini Cooper packaged inside.

We are BIG fans of the innovation and quirkiness that went into making this piece both strikingly stunning and completely operational! 

After all, at Ernest Packaging Solutions, we are all about combining form and function, all in one! Not to mention, we’ve got a few eye-catching — and functional — packaging tricks up our sleeves, as well!

From our retail design solutions to our packaging engineering solutions, we’ve got all the bases covered on providing you with oh-so-attractive packaging solutions that can stand up to any tests they may face.

Interested in the eye-catching yet utilitarian solutions we can offer to you? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!

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