What This Gnome Teaches Us About Creativity

February 12, 2013

What’s your packaging strategy? Are you looking for a simple “Get it there” approach, or do you want your packaging to reflect your company, your customers and your creativity?

Sometimes a creative package isn’t one that just reduces weight or increases protection, sometimes it just needs to make someone smile, and that’s why we love this business.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we too are believers in seeing the possibilities of your packaging. Our team of expert engineers and designers don’t see the package as just a tool, but as an extension of your product.

What can a baguette teach us about creative packaging? Nothing. Unless you don’t see a baguette but rather a gnome’s hat, as this Barcelona graphic design company did.

Sometimes the answer is simple, like drawing a gnome on the wax paper. Sometimes the solution is a bit more complicated and requires a full retail design overhaul. Whatever challenge you have, Ernest Packaging Solutions can put our packaging geniuses on it. You won’t be disappointed.

Image via Buzzfeed