Wrap Your Christmas Gifts Like a Packaging Pro

December 04, 2014


(photos from hgtv.com, countryliving.com and theenchantedhome.com)

We write a lot here on the Ernest Buzz about how important packaging is to branding and the way that we interact with products. Well, the same idea applies to gift wrapping presents. When you see a beautifully or creatively wrapped gift under the tree, you hope and wish that your name is the one written on it.

When you put a little extra thought into the wrapping of your gifts, you show that you care, and it’s a fun way to spread a little extra holiday cheer. (And you’ll definitely show up Uncle Randy, who wraps every gift in last week’s Sunday paper.)

Here are a few ideas for giving your gift wrapping a good kick in the pants:

  1. Don’t use wrapping paper.

There are a lot of other fun materials that you can use to wrap gifts. Aluminum foil is bright, shiny and affordable. Do you have extra fabric sitting around the house? Maybe an old dress or shirt? Use the fabric as a creative alternative to wrapping paper!

Other wrapping paper substitutes? Maps and sheet music!


  1. Make your own wrapping paper!

Buy a roll of craft paper and paint on it to create your own custom wrapping paper! If you have kids (or nieces or nephews or gullible neighbor kids) have them decorate it!


  1. Get creative with name tags.

Sure, you could just buy some plain name tag at Target and put them on your presents. Then again, you could just write “THIS IS BORING” all over the gifts as well. Use some of these tags below to get your imagination moving!


We want your gifts to really stand out when they’re sitting under the tree. We also want your business’ products to shine as well! Your customers should feel like every day is Christmas morning!

The elves at Ernest are excited to put some cheer into your packaging. Be sure that you’re on the Nice List by contacting us today about your packaging needs.