You Break It, You Bought It: Priceless Art Ruined by Accident

August 29, 2013

Some of us have accidents that involve spaghetti sauce and a white shirt, or forgetting our coffee mug on the roof of our car. But what about when Lady Luck looks away for a minute just as you’re surrounded by priceless works of art? Well, then you may just make this list of 10 Pieces of Priceless Art Ruined by Accident from MSN.

That is a Top 10 list no one wants to make!

Just like the poor janitor in number five who thought drips of paint on a modern art masterpiece were grime and cleaned them off, even those with the best intentions are not always meant to handle your most precious possessions.

If we at Ernest Packaging Solutions ran a museum, everything would be protected by only the best and safest materials. Whether keeping your product safe means keeping it  shock-proof, shake-proof, drop-proof or heat-proof, fool-proof or any kind of proof you can think of, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the job. Because we test and retest our packaging, we know that what we offer our customers is the best there is.

We’re fanatical about quality packaging. Like when we sent Ernest Packaging Solutions’ President Tim Wilson to the desert 23 times to test our TempEndure packaging solution for cobra eggs. Just another example of the measures we take to ensure our packaging is right…every time.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions,  we handle your packages with kid gloves (worn by engineering experts, obviously) and we won’t take liberties with your “Handle With Care” cargo. Learn how we work by contacting us today!