You Won't Find These in the Grocery Store: Adventures in Quirky Foreign Packaging

October 11, 2012

For those of us who aren’t frequent world travelers, we’ve become accustomed to seeing standard brand’s packaging. Let me tell you, we’re missing out! Foreign packaging has a zany and fun style that’s great for a few laughs.

But just in case you can’t hop on a plane to see the packages for yourself, here’s a snippet of some of our favorites from a recent  article:

Time to wash your dirty clothes from the weekend? Nothing like a little BARF to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Don’t worry, Barf has EXTRA cleaning power to remove the scent of anything nasty you may have spilled.

Now you just have to appreciate the ultra-honest disclaimer on this one. Sometimes flames and sparks turn into big earthquakes. It happens. Handle these puppies with care.

When you’re at the grocery store shopping for raisins, stylish is what you’re going for, right?! Great news: These ones are not only stylish, but they will also give you excitement. TALK ABOUT A DOUBLE-WHAMMY!!

As silly as these are, at Ernest Packaging Solutions we always can appreciate innovation and creativity. Props to these ladies and gentlemen for their quirky sense of humor!