Cardboard is a Real Box Office MVP

February 25, 2019

Group of people in the cinema

What a wild night! Did you tune into the Oscars? The awards ceremony generated a lot of buzz, but here on the Ernest Buzz we’re upset our favorite actor didn’t get any recognition! Sure, its performance may be a bit rigid, but CARDBOARD is a real power player in the world of movie magic!


Cardboard made a splash in Hollywood at the 2018 Academy Awards nominee luncheon. French director Agnès Varda, whose film Faces Places was nominated for Best Documentary, wasn’t able to attend the celebration. Instead, her co-director made other arrangements: Varga appeared at the ceremony in the form of a life-size cardboard cutout!


old dracula movie

Photo: Universal Studios

We all have our favorite scene from monster flicks. For us at Ernest, it’s seeing a big honking piece of cardboard steal the scene in the 1931 classic Dracula!

As you can see in the scene above, someone stuck a ripped-up scrap of cardboard to the bedroom lamp. Movie buffs have argued over it for years; some argue that it’s there by mistake, while others say it’s being used to shield the light from the sleeping Mina’s face. Personally, we think it drives home the horror of the film — there’s nothing scarier than cardboard getting misused!


Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a cult classic, and there’s a lot of silliness both on-and off-screen. The crew had planned to film at several different castles in Scotland, but they were denied access a few short weeks before production began. With a tight schedule and a small budget, the crew decided to have some fun with the setback.

In this scene, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table approach Camelot in awe of its beauty. The king’s servant astutely points out that the castle is “only a model.” He’s right — what you see on camera is a 12-foot-tall cardboard cutout of a castle perched about 30 feet away from the actors!

It’s hard to share the spotlight with packaging materials, especially one as prolific as cardboard. Check out our Ernest Challenge video series to see our fearless leader Tim Wilson alongside the real star of the show — Ernest’s packaging solutions!