Gimme a Break! KitKat Gets Repackaged for Anniversary

June 09, 2015

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of KitKat, Nestlé is giving the candy bar a packaging overhaul. Since 1935 KitKat has been asking hungry customers to “gimme a break”. Now they’ll be telling them just what kind of break to give them.

packaging-kitkat-reaasonwhy.es_For a limited time, packaging on the bars will swap out the iconic logo for one of 72 different “breaks” — including “Birthday Break”, “Office Break” and “Rainy Day Break”. (If “Spring Break” or “Point Break” aren’t included, someone is missing a huge opportunity.) The campaign is similar to Coca-Cola’s recent “Share a Coke” packaging campaign.

The most noteworthy break will be the “YouTube Break”, which will be done in partnership with Google. Now only will YouTube be featured on some of the candy bars, but people will be able to search for trending YouTube videos when they use Google’s voice search and say “YouTube my break”.

The KitKat campaign is a terrific example of using packaging to create a unique brand experience. When done creatively and thoughtfully, packaging can become a powerful way to communicate with your audience and tell your brand’s story. This is what Ernest Packaging recently did with companies like SnackNation and Ton Savon.

Contact us to talk about how to make your packaging a memorable experience for your customers. And in the meantime, you can break off a piece of that … uhmmm … how does it go?