Hello, Hall of Famers: Three Innovations That Changed The Food And Beverage Industry

November 22, 2012

After a long work week, what’s better than hitting your favorite restaurant? There, you can indulge in your favorite oven-fresh meal and enjoy a nice glass of wine. But did you ever stop and think of what it takes to make that nice meal happen?

Super-smart science whizzes had to INVENT all of the products we rely on to make restaurant operations run smoothly. So here’s a salute to the top three food and beverage industry inventions, featured in a recent Huffington Post article, that allow us to live large (and not eat like cavemen!)

How does a restaurant keep all of that food safe & delicious? A refrigerator of course! Before 1913, you would have to buy A LOT of ice to keep everything in line.

It’s face-stuffing time!! While eating with our hands was AWESOME as toddlers, we are glad that utensils were invented to make meals more ahem tasteful. Thanks to 17th Century Middle Eastern Royalty, we can eat mess-free.

The aftermath. Since our eyes are ALWAYS bigger than our stomachs (alas!), the microwave lets us heat up those leftovers so we can enjoy the meal just one more time. Radar technology during World War II led to the 1947 invention of this snappy cooker. NO SKILLS REQUIRED! Awesome.

So next weekend, before you chow down, think about all of the GENIUS that went into your meal! At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re always pushing new ways to think outside of the box. And when you do decide to take some food home, we can package it up for you.