Lace Up Your Kicks for the Final Four: Packaging Your Feet

April 03, 2014

Are you pumped for the Final Four this weekend? Are you in the finals of your office bracket pool or did you have Duke going deep (in which case, my condolences)? All you can hope now is to not lose to the self-proclaimed sports hater who just filled out a bracket who, on a whim, randomly picked Dayton to go to the Elite 8 because their aunt lives there.

Us? We’ll be watching the Final Four games with eyes glued to the screen enjoying every minute.

But, like you’ve come to expect from Ernest, we find ways to work packaging into everything we see. Why? Because packaging plays a role in everything we see, including, but most certainly not limited to, sneakers.

The first basketball shoes were Chuck Taylor All-Stars, made of canvas, had very thin soles and were low tops. Over time, high tops were added to provide more ankle support, leather replaced canvas and sneakers became a cultural cornerstone with massive brands build on their soles.

Sneaker tech is a lot like packaging. Everyone pretty much works with the same materials, but it’s how you put them together that makes the difference. Balance the strength with the flexibility, and weight with protection.

Also, like packaging, as new products, composites and materials emerge, those who can adapt quickly are successful.

From air pockets to shock-absorbing rubber composite soles to the Kevlar (used in body armor) and carbon fiber “flywire” support used in some shoes, sneaker tech is always adapting.

It’s innovate or die in the packaging world. Are your solutions up for the challenge? If not, it’s time to bring in Ernest Packaging Solutions and our team of expert engineers. We may not be able to dunk a basketball, but we can protect your products from being slammed, jammed and thrown.

Don’t let your products end up busted like a bad bracket! Contact us today to get started on your next product packaging innovation.