Mr. Wilson: A Lifetime of Giving

November 09, 2017


November holds a special place in our hearts at Ernest. Not only are we celebrating all of the things we’re grateful for as we approach Thanksgiving, but Veterans Day is a chance to give our thanks to the men and women who have devoted their life to service. Today on the Ernest blog we’re expressing our gratitude for our very own veteran founder, Mr. Charles Wilson, who has spent a lifetime helping those in need.

Mr. Wilson’s childhood was a difficult one. His father passed away at the beginning of the Great Depression, leaving Charles and his brother Ernest without a steady source of income in those trying times. The community came together to help support the boys and their mother, which inspired Mr. Wilson to give back to others whenever possible.

When he came of age, Mr. Wilson pledged his support for his country and went off to fight in World War II. He became wounded in battle, and it was then Mr. Wilson demonstrated his true giving nature. Knowing that there were fellow soldiers still wounded on the battlefield, he bravely plunged back into the fray to rescue them. He refused medical attention until each soldier was tended to, and earned a Bronze Star of Valor for his heroic service.

Mr. Wilson’s devotion to service continued when he returned from the war, as he spearheaded fundraising for what was then the Cedars of Lebanon. The non-profit hospital, which now operates as the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, was a community-based organization, operating thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers. Mr. Wilson was an early leader in supporting the health system, which now boasts 185 locations across California and serves over 16,000 patients in Los Angeles alone!

Caption: See more words of wisdom from Mr. Wilson

The generosity of Mr. Wilson has guided all of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions, and at 93 years of age, he’s still going strong. We’re constantly humbled by his commitment to helping those who need it most, like those who were affected by this year’s devastating natural disasters. Mr. Wilson spearheaded a donation of nearly 7,000 boxes of food to the Houston relief fund following hurricane Harvey.

To learn more about Mr. Wilson, look forward to his Chat With Charles coming soon on the Ernest blog (and see highlights of last year’s chat right here)!