Throwback Thursday | Easter Innovation: The Egg Carton

March 24, 2016


Every year around this time we get a bit egg-static. For this Throwback Thursday, we look to the perfectly packaged egg—which really comes naturally packaged to perfection. But the egg carton still deserves respect.

Easter is just around the corner! Those of us at Ernest Packaging Solutions would say we know a little about packaging innovation, so in honor of the holiday, we want to share the history of the egg carton. It happens to be one of the coolest and smartest packaging innovations around!

The egg carton was created back in 1911 by Joseph Coyle. The invention was created to make Easter egg hunts better to help solve a conflict between a local farmer and hotel owner over eggs breaking in transit, according to Coyle’s original invention was painstakingly crafted by hand and made of paper, but it did the trick! It was truly an upgrade from the old egg basket, which left eggs unprotected.

(Now if the Easter Bunny would just get the memo that the egg carton is such a better option than carrying around Easter Eggs in that big ol’ basket! We’d really see some Easter innovation beyond tie-dyed Easter eggs!)

And this is where it gets REALLY interesting: In the 1950s, the egg carton got an upgrade from H.G. Bennett, and the packaging remains essentially unchanged to this day!

Talk about innovation! The egg carton has really stood the test of time. Over the past 60 years, the egg carton’s design has remained the same which has allowed for greater consistency and standardization in manufacturing. This means the processes going into making the cartons have steadily become quicker and easier, lowering the overall production costs!


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