We Aren’t New To This Game

October 05, 2011

We at Ernest are pretty proud of what we’ve created over the years. But we’re not stopping. When you’ve been in business for as long as we have you know we’ve seen it all.

Technology changes, energy costs fluctuate new products need to go to new destinations and through it all Ernest has been making it happen for our clients.

How is it that we’ve managed to progress like a fine wine and not age like Chinese takeout?

Our Process
We start our process by helping you define your goals and objectives. In four easy steps  we give you creative, customized solutions:

  • Define
  • Observe
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations

Our People
Ernest consultants are not just packaging people – we have dedicated consultants for many specialized areas, including:

  • Inner packaging
  • Cold Chain Solutions
  • Facility / Safety / Sanitary Management
  • Corrugated Structure and Design
  • Shrink, Stretch Film and Systems
  • Tape, Adhesives and Systems
  • Food Packaging and Automation

And, our Creative Design Group, a retail packaging specialty practice, has lots of experience in packaging for food products. In fact, we have experience in just about every industry.

We’ve solved thousands and thousands of complicated packaging and logistics problems over the last 60+ years and with that we have gained knowledge and, well honestly, a little bit of swagger.

So go ahead, bring us your challenge. We dare you. Find the Ernest location nearest you and see for yourself.