Ernest to the Rescue: Airline Packaging Flies First Class

August 20, 2015

In our newest Ernest to the Rescue, we set out to help the friendly skies stay a little more comfortable!

The Challenge:

Zodiac Aircraft Systems is a manufacturer of aircraft cabin interiors products — things like reclining seats for long flights, oxygen systems and overhead panels. Once the products are built, they need to be shipped to their clients’ many locations to be installed in the airplane — often overseas locations involving long transits.

The manufacturer needed better protection for these components during shipment. In console shipments, some edges were getting damaged, likely during shipment overseas. Zodiac’s ability to deliver undamaged parts is vital for both a safe and timely installation in an aircraft.

Ernest’s Solution:

Ernest Packaging Solutions already had worked with Zodiac Airlines for about 7 years on various projects when the manufacturer needed help to improve the packaging for shipment of its consoles and luxury business class seats.

“Using our San Diego location, we developed custom wooden crates and corrugated boxes to solve the damage problem,” explained Garry Bettencourt, Ernest General Manager. IMG_1344

The seats were bolted to a pallet, internally wrapped with foam and bubble wrap and loaded into a crate specifically designed to protect the seats. Additionally, Ernest created custom corrugated boxes with custom inserts for shipping oxygen, which required special certification language for water and fire safety testing.

The airplane components are now arriving securely and undamaged, and Zodiac doesn’t have to worry that passengers will end up on that island from “Lost.”

“This seat assembly is valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Chris Hansen, After Market & Product Support Manager for Zodiac. “We cannot afford any damage. With Ernest’s redesign of packaging, we have had zero issues with damage during shipment. They’ve helped to protect our product and our costs.”



However, this is only one of many times that Ernest has helped Zodiac keep flying.

In what began as a small relationship, Ernest now designs and provides all crating and full packaging for every seat that Zodiac manufacturers.

“As they grow, we’ve grown along with them for packaging solutions,” Bettencourt said. “We’ve become a very trusted partner. We’re all about coming up with a personal solution to help our clients.”

Want your packaging to soar to new heights? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today for a trusted partner to clear the runway.