5 Clever Packaging Ideas

January 12, 2012

Today the design of the package can be just as important as what’s inside and companies are searching for new and clever ways to package their products.

From veggies packaged in a “cigarette box” to energy drinks sold in a lightbulb-shaped bottle, here is a roundup of five of our favorite innovative product packaging designs that are sure to catch your eye.

First off is the intricate and unique design for 1000 Acres Vodka. The company has come up with some truly amazing ways to bottle its product. One look at these, and you’ll buy it just to put the bottle on your shelf.

Next is Golji Juice, which shapes its bottles like light bulbs. For the brand’s energy drink, the company picked the perfect packaging concept that goes with energy. Who wouldn’t want to drink out of a stylized light bulb? There is a reason that they call their product something that “makes you glow.”

Third on the list is a series of designs by Daizi Zheng, which features healthy food packaged in cartons that resemble unhealthy habits. Carrots in a cigarette pack, celery in a fry carton and blueberries in a blister pack are featured. This proves that there is merit in using association to sell products that may have a harder time gaining appeal.

Another drink that is packaged in an awesome way is simply called “Cider.” After getting a new design by Amore that makes the first two letters into a winking face, the drink has skyrocketed in sales. Most people think of cider as something that can only be enjoyed by the fire at home. But this sleek and vibrant can tells customers that they should enjoy cider in the brightest of days.

One company that is completely reinvigorating their packaging for the good of the environment is Puma. The brand has made shoe boxes that require the use of less paper, and shopping bags that are actually made of cornstarch and break down in three months. The designs have made going green really cool.

Looking for ways to cut costs all while implementing your own new innovative packaging ideas? We’re here to help. Partner with Ernest and see what we can do for you.