$5 Gas By June? Reduce Your Packaging Weight Now

March 06, 2012

Fuel pump

We’re not a political company. We don’t do job forecasting or oil production speculation. Ernest is an packaging company with some of the best engineers and designers in the industry, but we do keep an eye on market trends to better help you prepare.

As positive economic news is steadily emerging, some in the press are referring to this season as “Recovery Winter.” While the increase of consumer confidence and purchasing power as unemployment rates tic ever lower is fantastic news, there is one spot of concern as it relates to your shipping needs.

The increase in buying means the increase in shipping and production, but that also means increased oil consumption around the world, which means higher gas prices. Some are even predicting $5 per gallon by June.

There will be a delicate balance for consumer goods shipping to maneuver when gas prices can rise much faster than the you can pass on to the customer. If the gas price forecasters are correct, this means you will have to bear the brunt of the initial increases in the price of getting your product to market.

Or you could just call Ernest.

Now we can’t sell you gas at $1 a gallon, but what we can do is reduce the weight of your freight to cut shipping costs. Whether it’s bubble wrap, stretch film or any of our packaging products, we can find ways to cut the fat out of your shipping making you lean, mean and ready to handle the ebbs and flows of gas prices.

See some of our happy clients who have enjoyed ongoing cost-savings as a result of weight reduction, material reduction, or strategic packagings to pack more into each box. We can redesign or reduce the size of your packaging thus reducing costs on shipping.

Don’t let Recovery Winter create a Sad Spring when your shipping isn’t ready to handle rising gas prices.