7 Ways People Are Using Shipping Containers (Aside from Shipping)

January 21, 2014

Modern shipping containers – you know, the brightly colored rectangles that you see stacked up in port cities and in bad crime movies – date back to 1956. Once widely adopted, these revolutionary items cut an average of 25 percent off freight shipping costs!

Pretty amazing, no?

Then again, shipping containers, while revolutionary, are old enough to be collecting Social Security now. Some say you can’t teach an old dogs to do tricks. Well we say, “HA! Yes you can! All you need to do is think outside the box. Literally.” After all, Ernest Packaging Solutions loves wordplay.

Even tried-and-true solutions can be updated with technology and engineering innovations. We know; we do it all the time.

So we scoured the Web looking for the best ways people are re-using shipping containers. Not long ago, no one would have thought about cooking or living (!) in a shipping container. Now? Well, maybe we could be talked into it.

Modern Homes

Food Trucks


Art Galleries


Sheltering the Homeless


And this is just the beginning of creative solutions for shipping containers; there are new ideas for these, and all packaging, being formulated every day.

Packaging, in its most simplistic meaning is, after all, just another word for “containment.” Everyone wants packaging to be lighter, less expensive and safer. With new packaging solutions that Ernest engineers are creating every day, you can have all three.

Want a new and innovative take on your old packaging options? Come and chat with Ernest Packaging Solutions’ team of expert packaging design and engineering consultants.