What Does the Ace of Cakes Know about Plastic Packaging?

August 14, 2014

The Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman, knows how to create mind-blowing cake designs. But what does that have to do with plastic packaging? Duff is a lover of food, and — just like us — he cares a lot about making sure that food isn’t wasted. That’s where proper plastic packaging enters the picture.

Nearly 40% of food in America is going to waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Ernest Packaging Solutions, stretching the shelf life of food with lightweight plastics and ultimately reducing food waste takes the cake in our books. In a recent video for Plastics Make It Possible, Duff shared insights on how lightweight plastics reduce food waste in his kitchen:

  • Modified atmosphere packaging regulates oxygen in bag to preserve food longer. We often see this packaging for salad mixes and raw veggies like snap peas.

  • Plastic-wrapped cucumbers may seem silly at first glance. However, a wrapped cucumber can last for weeks while an unwrapped cucumber may only last a few days.

  • Resealable plastic packaging for nuts and dried fruits extends their shelf life and increases our chances of using every morsel.

  • Much of the plastic used in food packaging in your kitchen are recyclable–yeah!

  • Lightweight plastics deliver more food with less packaging compared to heavier cans, which means less energy is used to produce the packaging.

A cakemaker as inventive as Duff brings creative solutions to his food preservation, and we like it. At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we’re always looking at the full view of sustainability. Sometimes it starts with recycled material for packaging. Sometimes post-consumer waste is a forefront concern that needs recyclable packaging. In every case, our engineers seek to reduce packaging from a sustainability standpoint. And the icing on top? Reduced shipping and production costs.

Need solutions to preserve food–even in shark-infested waters? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to learn more.