Awesome Everyday Uses For Extra Cardboard

September 25, 2012

When we were kids, a cardboard box could be anything. And we mean ANYTHING! All we needed was to be supplied with a big ol’ box, and our imaginations would take care of the rest.

Our childhood inventiveness could put us high in the sky in an airplane, on our way to deliver well-packaged products to all of our imaginary packaging clients:

We could be in a regal castle, slaying dragons and dreaming up innovative packaging designs fit for royals:

Kids play around cardboard castle
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Or we could just be roughhousing in our makeshift “bumper cars”:

Kids play with cardboard boxes
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Siiiiigh … those were the days.

But who says vivid imaginations are just for kids? Not us! After all, we can’t let the kids have ALL the fun!

As you can probably guess, the members of the Ernest Packaging Solutions team had wild imaginations as kids, and we’ve grown up to be super-innovative (and incredibly imaginative) adults! Some things just never change, and that’s good.

And another thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the fun that can be found in cardboard boxes, which is why we’ve put together this list of fun, creative uses for cardboard, for kids from 4 to 104! Check it out:

Everyday Uses For Extra Cardboard

How AWESOME are these ideas!?! We’re going to use them all!

What sort of creative things are you doing with your extra cardboard? Let us know in the comments section below!