Batter Up: What Baseball Teaches Us About Packaging

March 25, 2014

It may still be spring, but it’s time for the boys of summer to take the field and for the bleachers to fill up with fans watching America’s favorite pastime: anthropomorphised mascots dancing to YMCA. That, and watching the Cubs lose.

But maybe the best thing about going to a baseball game is the hope, however small, that you will be one of the lucky few to catch a ball in the stands. It’s the holy grail of attending a baseball game … just don’t forget to keep an eye on your kid like this Dad of the Year.

In baseball, it is all about consistency. No, not the players – we’re talking about the baseball ball itself. Those stitched-leather balls of yarn needs to be made identical so there isn’t an unfair advantage for some teams or players.

Check out this video of the mechanical and handmade steps taken to ensure every baseball is consistent in size, shape and weight.

Ernest Packaging Solutions deals with the same challenges. Our customers’ packaging solutions need to be consistent and perform the same every time. The same being amazing, outstanding, awesome and in all the other ways our customers need them to be.

We have the engineers, testing, processes and materials that make it happen. We may not be able to hit a home run off of Adam Wainwright, but we can knock your packaging out of the park. Contact us today to get started.