Beyond Protecting Your Product: Other Ways Packaging Can Work For You

February 21, 2012

You know those times when you hit the beach, and even though you think you’ve applied enough sunscreen, you still get a super-terrible burn? That totally stinks, doesn’t it? Yeah, we hate it, too. Ugh.

Well, according to a recent study conducted in Australia — where skin cancer rates are the highest in the world — specific kinds of packaging are linked to playing a key role in influencing consumers to use greater amounts of sunscreen, leading to much better protection from the sun.

And that better protection against exposure to harmful rays of the sun means better protection against skin cancer. Genius!

The study followed dozens of school-aged kids using sunscreen each day for three weeks. At the end of the period, the researchers ranked users of pump dispensers as the most likely to apply the most sunscreen, with squeeze-bottle users following those, and roll-on applicator users trailing in last.

It’s amazing to think that packaging can have such a great impact on how effectively a product is used! What most people probably don’t think about is how packaging can go beyond the essential function of protecting and transporting products, extending all the way to marketing products and helping to influence how the actual product is used. That’s a pretty big deal!

We at Ernest Packaging are up to date on recent research and and keep on the cutting-edge in our labs. We are finding creative packaging solutions for you and your products.

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