Black Eyed Peas Turns Plastic to Printing

July 29, 2014

ekocycle cube 3d printer is getting it started in here. The 3 R’s of living green—reduce, reuse, recycle—hit the 3D printing craze with theEKOCYCLETM Cube® 3D Printer, which is backed by the hip hop artist and entrepreneur. This combines two things that we loves: the innovation of 3D printing and creating sustainable solutions to everyday problems.

The “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” of 3D printing wow factors often cower at the “hmmm’s” and “what’s” when it comes to finding enough materials needed to print cubes, vases, prosthetics or whatever else you can dream up.

A sustainable solution now exists with the Cube, a collaboration between 3DS and EKOCYCLE, a brand launched by and The Coca-Cola Company. 3D printing as a whole struggles to source enough renewable and reliable filament—the actual material used to print objects. EKOCYCLE Cube uses a new filament made in part from post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles, called rPET.

OK, OK, those are a lot of weird words, but this is anything but boring. The bottom line here is that the EKOCYCLE will allow you to turn water bottles into new, custom plastic products.

That’s the type of sustainable innovation that gets us pumped up to make a snowboard without any plastic. At Ernest, we understand what it means to go “green.” Our approach to carbon footprint reduction—our own and yours—rides right along the R’s:

  • Reduce – Optimize packaging needs to implement a solid green practice.

  • Reuse – Identify ways to eliminate waste with durable and closed-loop systems.

  • Recycle – Introduce recycled content in every stage of your packaging process.

Three’s company not a crowd when it comes sustainable innovations. EKOCYCLE is printing a 3D functional vase, and Ernest Packaging engineers craft a functional cardboard snowboard with 3 R’s principles. Innovating for the sake of innovating falls flat, but when innovation tackles a real-life problem? That’s when sustainable solutions are welcomed with well-earned ooo’s and ahh’s.

How can we help you find sustainable solutions to your packaging needs? Contact us today.