Building an Entire Office Out of Cardboard

April 28, 2016


You know that we love the challenge of utilizing cardboard where it’s never been used before here at Ernest—after all, we’re the ones who built a cardboard Fender guitar, skateboard, snowboard and push bike. But we’ve got to give props to Amsterdam-based interior design firm Nothing. They didn’t just build cardboard in their office. They built the entire interior of their office from cardboard.

Check out this layout:

EPS_layout_blog pic

The office is the brainchild of Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk and design director Alrik Koudenburg. When you walk in, you’ll see cardboard desks, chairs, flights of stairs, tables, and bookshelves. All of these can really hold weight and are completely usable. And if a tabletop or shelf gets scratched, it’s easy enough to switch out the piece for a new one. There are even entire offices framed and built from cardboard.

Take a close look. What you won’t see is anything holding the pieces of cardboard together. Designer van Bleiswijk’s aesthetic is streamlined and basic, where form follows function, and he prefers not to use visible fastenings. So how do you get a cardboard office with no screws or glue?

The 15 mm honeycomb cardboard is precisely cut and fit so it holds together without the need for other kinds of fastenings—similar to how we used the strength of honeycomb for our cardboard surfboard. Because reinforced cardboard is so naturally strong, it can hold way more weight than most people would believe (and hey, haven’t we been saying that for years?).

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