Cardboard Furniture Lets Kids Get Creative

March 24, 2015

Did you ever get in trouble for writing on the walls when you were a kid? Of course you did, you little troublemaker! Kids love to draw and get creative. Unfortunately, they often do it in the worst possible places!

Thanks to a group of recent college grads, kids can now build and decorate their own furniture — without fear of getting in trouble from mom and dad!

What’s the special ingredient to this awesome project? Cardboard! Because corrugated paper is inexpensive, strong and extremely versatile, kids are able to assemble the furniture themselves and customize it based on their own imaginative ideas.

Much like Ernest’s cardboard surfboard and cardboard push bike, this environmentally friendly furniture is 100% recyclable!

At Ernest we love to see kids get inspired to use their imaginations and build interesting things. Maybe some of these kids will be the next generation of Ernest employees and innovators!

The flexibility and strength of cardboard makes it ideal for all kinds of packaging opportunities, and our team can use it to build the right solutions for your business. Contact us today to tell us about your packaging needs.