Cardboard Storytelling Comes to Life

April 28, 2015

Last year the stop-motion movie The Boxtrolls put cardboard up on the big-screen. Now cardboard is stepping back into the spotlight in a series of new videos — and we’re not only talking about our Cardboard Chaos videos series!

Century 21 just released a new ad campaign that is built entirely of cardboard. They silently tell stories that people can relate to — making new friends, entering new stages of life — and talk about how Century 21 can help.

Earlier this year folk-rock band The Barr Brothers released a video for song “Love Ain’t Enough”. It’s a visually fascinating video that uses only cardboard and paint. The power of cardboard never fails to amaze!

If you’ve ever seen “Adventure Time”, you know that it’s one of the coolest cartoons on TV today. It’s hilarious for kids and adults alike! A fan recently made an awesome stop-motion recreation of the “Adventure Time” opening sequence — using only cardboard!


These are all great examples of the versatility of cardboard, but they also show the power of storytelling. Whether they’re fun or serious, each of these videos make us feel something.

Similarly, cardboard — along with bubble wrap, wood pallets and other packaging material —  should help to tell your company or product’s story. What does your packaging say about your company? How does it make your customers feel?

Ernest works with companies to create dynamic, engaging packaging that tells a story. Check out our white paper about the power of packaging in B2B branding.

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