Catch This World Cup Packaging Before It’s Gone (But Don't Use Your Hands)

July 01, 2014

[images via, and Pinterest]

The World Cup comes around but once every four years, and when it does, soccer fans go exceptionally wild – and so do we at Ernest! From fans flocking from around the world to attend the games in person, to packaging themselves in spirited attire, to picking up their own litter after rousing matches, every aspect of the event is bigger and brighter – and even more polite – all due to the passionate fans’ love of the game.

And the kickin’ packaging created around the World Cup is no exception to the exceptional rule.

Leading up to and during the World Cup, an expansive slate of consumer products – including motor oil, beverages, food, personal care wares and more – has landed on shelves in awesome soccer-themed packaging.

Packaging is a huge opportunity to tell your customers who you are and what you care about. Ernest Packaging Solutions helps companies turn packages into experiences — instead of just ways to transport your stuff. This onslaught of footie-influenced packaging signals that many B2C companies are becoming shrewder when it comes to making the most of their packaging, and they’re becoming better at listening to the desires of consumers. And that’s good for business.

Special-edition packaging like this just goes to show that packaging is about a whole lot more than just protecting its contents. It’s also about connecting with audience members – especially those as passionate about their interests as soccer fans are.

Sure, the tie between soccer and motor oil/beverages/food/personal care wares isn’t a strong one. (Elite athletes probably aren’t chowing down on Big Macs before the big game.) That isn’t what matters. What matters is where consumer interest lies and how companies can work through their packaging to meet those interests in a relevant way.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this? Partnering with a packaging partner that understands what the connectivity between brand and consumer is all about. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to learn more.