Check Out the Game of Thrones Intro Made Out of Paper!

June 07, 2016


HBO’s sixth season of Game of Thrones is more than halfway complete. This season has been full of endless twists, turns and betrayals that mark the world of Westeros. Not to mention all of the mayhem.

The story features dragons, magic, an army of the undead, giants and mysteriously British accents even though Britain isn’t a place in Westeros. It also has become a worldwide hit by breaking records for viewership and people illegally downloading episodes.

Now, the notebook company Moleskine has brought paper into the Game of Thrones discussion, and we are on a excitement overdrive here! The company created part of the iconic opening credits sequence with paper:

Pretty epic, right? And we know fantastic paper creations—that’s our specialty. We’ve created everything from paper bikes to paper guitars just to push the edges of innovation with this versatile substrate.

In working with companies like Prince Lionheart (sounds likened to a character in the show, eh?), we have designed paper packaging products in ways that, like dragons or John Snow rising from the dead, are seemingly impossible. Yet we tackle them time and time again. Prince Lionheart challenged us to use cardboard—the material that reigns over innovation—to create a children’s balance bike. It was no child’s play, and our allegiance with the toy maker proved to be most victorious.

So it looks like Moleskine is a new challenger to the Paper Throne upon which Ernest sits. We know we can handle it. Want us to create a paper wall that touches the sky? We could do that in our sleep. Need a paper ship to carry your army across the sea? We wouldn’t even break a sweat.

If you don’t believe us, take a look for yourself!

In the meantime, House Ernest salutes House Moleskine for upping the paper creation game and once again proving that everyday products can be turned into innovations that inspire. And if you’re looking to inspire your customers with a new package design, give Ernest Packaging Solutions a call. We can create something that can stand up to dragon fire, withhold a giant or even keep winter’s cold at bay.