City Crafted of Cardboard? Take Us There!

February 03, 2015


We all have dream vacations. At Ernest Packaging we have just found the dreamiest destination of all: Paperholm. This town of tiny cardboard structures speaks to paper aficionados and art lovers alike.

Building a new cardboard structure each day, Scottish artist Charles Young is designing and crafting a sprawling, paper city of A4 architecture. Castles, tree houses, windmills and churches line the streets of the city—with no plans to end the sprawl.


Because Young’s project is art and not urban planning, he can take the town of tiny structures in any direction. Currently, no master plan exists for the overall layout. He just continues to craft structure after structure, day after day. However, he hopes to develop an overall plan for the town cohesion.

Our hats are off to this paper innovator. The customization qualities of corrugated paper are endless, as we recently demonstrated in the Ernest headline-grabbing snowboard and surfboard crafted from paper. Perhaps Young’s Paperholm will soon have a beach and ski resort we can visit?!

Your packaging should make you the talk of the town — paper or otherwise. Contact Ernest today for innovation on all of your packaging needs.