Club Store Packaging Solutions

December 08, 2011

Psychedelic concert crowd

No, no, no. We aren’t talking about the Boom-shh, Boom-shh clubs with Maserati’s lined up out front. Think bigger. Think boxier. Think minivans full of 3 gallon tubs of cocktail sauce.

Designing packaging for the big club stores, like Sam’s Club and Costco, is very different than the packaging for your neighborhood grocery store.

The big club stores have strict packaging and display rules for their aisles, and the visual challenges when competing against towering shelves and other big attention-grabbing packaging is unique.

There are many facets to creating the perfect club store packaging solution, but here are three you need to make certain you have accounted for before jumping in with both feet.

1) Make Your Box A Billboard

Billboards are designed to get your attention from far away and keep it long enough for you to take in the message. It’s big, bold, easy to read, and tells you what it’s trying to sell in about 2 seconds.

This is how your packaging solutions should work in the club store landscape. Subtlety in messaging and long-form content mean the customers attention is already elsewhere. Get your message to its most basic form and put it in big bold letters.

2) Be Smart About Stacking

Create shipping and stacking containers that maximize the amount of product that can fit on each palette without stacking too high or too deep. Keep as much product in arms reach as possible.

3) Think Beyond The Store

The usefulness of your packaging doesn’t end when the customer decides to buy. It needs to be easy to put in a shopping cart, get it in the car, move into the home and fit in the pantry (if necessary). You must design for the entire lifecycle of the package.

There are no simple solutions, however, and each product has a unique solution. You need a packaging partner that knows how to design for every situation, and for every product.

If you need to begin or revamp your presence on the club scene, contact Ernest today and see what our team of experts can do for you.