Consumers Show Their Love/Hate Relationship with Packaging

February 18, 2014

Some consumers love to hate packaging. Specifically, the products they love inside of the clamshell, thermoformed, blister, slippery, uncooperative packaging they hate. Valentine’s Day was just last week – where is the love?

We always show the love to your packaging at Ernest Packaging Solutions. Every day is like a Valentine’s Day card wrapped in a birthday cake and seasoned with a dash of Eskimo kisses.

Other times, consumer packaging can be a nightmare for the end user.

Packaging Digest brought this video to our attention, in which customers vent about the packaging that drives them crazy and what they do to get by. Spoiler alert: Scissors and knives are common … yikes!

Ready to show your packaging the love? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions’ team of expert engineers and consultants today. We’ll make the packaging you can’t wait to take home to meet the parents.