Corrugated Gets Quirky

May 24, 2012

Corrugated cardboard is great for boxes.

Yeah, yeah, Caption Obvious, tell us something we don’t already know, you’re probably thinking.

We’re getting to the point, we swear: While corrugated is wonderful for boxes, some people out there — who we would consider to be the pinnacle of artistic genius — are taking corrugated wayyy beyond boxes and doing a whole lot more with it. Check out three amazingly cool examples below.

Cardboard Arcade

Watch this video to see how a fun-loving California kid hanging out at his dad’s used auto parts shop for a summer built an elaborate arcade from cardboard. You’ll seriously be jealous you didn’t think of this first. We sure are.

Cardboard Record Player

cardboard record player

This record player, created by GGRP Sound, is made from corrugated cardboard and folds up into an envelope for ultimate portability. If you want to use this like we at Ernest Packaging Solutions would, take it along with you in the car so you can listen to your favorite jams on the way to Caine’s Cardboard Arcade.

Cardboard Chandelier

cardboard chandelier

A crafty Etsy shop owner from Salt Lake City carries ridiculously cool chandeliers like this one, which is made of cardboard, in her online store. We think this would look real nice hanging in President Tim Wilson’s office. What do you think?