Corrugated Is Tougher Than You Think

February 11, 2014

Don’t overlook corrugated because you see it everywhere or because your nephew used it to make a Halloween costume. It deserves more respect, in fact, it’s a packaging engineer’s dream.

Ernest Packaging Solutions dominates challenges our customers bring to our Innovation Lab every day. We have corrugated on the brain. But what about around the brain?

That’s where Anirudha Surabhi, an industrial designer with a similar outlook on corrugated comes in. He took biological cues from a woodpecker and designed a corrugated cardboard bicycle helmet. Surabhi created a spongy layer of dual-density cardboard with an hexagonal honeycomb structure because it is light (15 percent lighter than polystyrene helmets) and absorbs impact from all directions.

We love it!

Here are a few other amazing examples of corrugated usage from The Ernest Buzz Blog:

Every packaging company has access to pretty much the same materials, corrugated or anything else. It’s what they can do with them, how they understand them and how they find solutions with them that make the great ones (ahem, like us) stand out from the OK ones.

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