Delta and Coke Create a Surprising Art Gallery

March 28, 2017


If you’re a regular reader of The Ernest Buzz, you’ll know that we appreciate encountering surprising art and design in the world—especially in packaging. With so many plain things out there, delights like a colorful crosswalk or a giant shoe box store make people happy. Packaging companies could too easily fall into a rut of mundane normalcy.

That’s not for us. And that shouldn’t be for you either. There are so many ways to unexpectedly impact someone by taking the time to beautify the world around them. In other words: in order to be remembered you must do something memorable.

Just like this.

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Now let’s move on to another kind of black box—the kind that is flying through the skies right now. Atlanta-based companies Delta Airlines and Coca Cola teamed up to make flying a little more colorful experience with tray table art.


The result is a flying art gallery with designs based on Delta flight destinations. For instance, when flying from ATL to JFK, and you may just discover this pop-art celebration of The Big Apple staring back at you.


Everyday brands need to be thinking of new and innovative ways to stand out, get noticed, get remembered and get shared. That is why when it comes to packaging you need a partner that is as daring as you are. That is why you need Ernest Packaging Solutions. We know how to turn boring into bold when it comes to unboxing like we have done for companies like SnackNation (PDF).

Contact us today and we can show you how our process was created to be creative and that has served us well for over 70 years. With locations around the country, we are just a short drive or shorter flight away from you. Just remember to close your tray tables before landing, even if there is priceless art staring back at you.

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