Does Premium Packaging Get A Premium Return?

December 13, 2011

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All business is a balancing game of costs and returns. Get more out of your investment than you put in and you win the game. Like two kids on a teeter totter, you want Return to be the one who always has their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Your packaging solutions are no different. You’re already in the know about the functions of packaging – move, protect, sell – but it’s the last one that get’s a little more tricky when you’re talking return on your investment.

The question is simple: will premium packaging sell more united. The answer, however, is complicated.

Spending more on materials can save money, if done smartly, by reducing shipping weights, increasing volume, etc. However, spending a fortune on materials that don’t drive more sales and complicate logistics is not a good strategy, even if the package is extremely beautiful. So sorry, but you’ll have to save your idea for soda bottles made of diamonds for the next Kardashian wedding.

Instead, focus on aesthetics and telling your story through your package’s look.

There are many brands that have successfully used their packaging to differentiate themselves from the competition though good design. Method cleaning products is one that particularly caught the right target market for their products, but it is hardly alone.

Right now there is a big market for packaging that takes artistic design seriously. There are blogs and social media accounts that promote packaging that is unique and skillfully designed. There are even plenty of sites that show concept works of meaning you don’t have to do anything but have an idea for a new package to get a little press on the web.

There is a market for good design. Will they pay more for your product just because it comes in a neat package? Maybe, but not much more. Can you rebrand your product wisely with new package design? Sure, if it’s done right.

Your packaging solutions need to be balanced. That’s where we can help.

Ernest can provide the right packaging solution for whatever you’re looking to achieve. Reduce costs, increase sales, distribution and supply chain? We got that covered. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.