Don't Get Hangry! Mobile Apps For Food And Beverage Brands Are Here To Help

May 31, 2012

Hangry (verb): the feeling of rage you get when you just have to get food in your belly but are being foiled by packaging.

First: You’re hungry, your cupboards are empty and you’re on a serious time crunch.

Next: You make a rushed trip to the grocer down the street to pick up something tasty on the fly. But what to get? And how do you fix it once you get home? What a headache!

Last: You completely lose your mind, the victim of a growling stomach and decision fatigue.

Does this situation sound familiar? Of course it does, because who hasn’t gone through this exact same thing! These times when you’re feeling famished but also pressed for time are enough to make even the most zen person straight-up hangry (hungry + angry).

Some smart food and beverage brands are taking a proactive approach to this predicament. With so many on-the-go consumers needing easy, time-conscious food solutions, a mobile app is one way to help a food and beverage brand stand out and succeed — all while making tummies much happier.

These apps have all sorts of information, including:

  • Recipes — from super-simple to very fancy
  • Which area stores carry the desired product
  • Printable coupons
  • Kitchen timers

That’s just a start. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s hoping those super-hungry consumers can take just a second to use these mobile apps wisely, and that both customers and brands can get the most out of what this cool technology has to offer.