Drone-Powered Distribution: A New Packaging and Logistics Solution?

July 31, 2014

chinese delivery drone

Still using your model helicopters and toy airplanes for fun and games? That’s child’s play – especially when considering a whole crop of innovative companies is taking the use of tiny, unmanned aircraft to the next level.

 Take Amazon, for example. In what seemed like a pie-in-the-sky announcement, the company declared late last year that it would like to get a delivery-by-drone service off the ground.

That sounds like a pretty lofty (read: not-gonna-happen) goal, eh?

Not so fast: Speaking of “pie in the sky,” check out the majestic ride one brave Dominos pizza took in the name of customer service-focused drone experimentation:

And that’s not all! Now that Chinese company SF Express is testing the high-flying capabilities of drones, as well, according to Bloomberg Businessweek Technology, it seems that this futuristic approach to getting products to their final destination may be coming to consumers sooner rather than later.

Here at Ernest Packaging Solutions, we couldn’t be more thrilled. You see, we’re all for delivery and logistics innovations. How else could Tim and the Innovation lab successfully deliver snake eggs in the desert?! When companies flex their creative muscles and discover cool new ways to distribute products, that’s the perfect excuse for us to try to outdo ourselves, too!

After all, a superior delivery method needs superior packaging to go along with it. Without it, consumers are going to wind up with broken Kindles and cold pizza, which are sorely unimpressive … even if they are delivered to their doorsteps by mini helicopters.

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