The Early Bird Gets the Pizza

October 19, 2017

Couple having pizza i

There’s no feeling quite like unboxing a pizza. When you see that cardboard slide open to reveal a steaming hot pie with all your favorite toppings, you can’t help but swell with excitement. And it’s the gift that keeps giving the next morning, too! It’s impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed knowing there’s a cold pizza waiting for you in the fridge. Today we’re taking a step into the kitchen to see how gourmet chefs are repackaging this dinner classic as the breakfast of champions.

Chefs across the nation are taking the breakfast pizza game to another level, and cracking an egg or two on top of a pie is just the beginning of this masterful meal repackaging. Imagine your favorite breakfast food, and these culinary masterpieces have you covered. French toast fans can try a ricotta and cream cheese pizza on French toast crust, complete with maple syrup and powdered sugar, naturally. If bagels and lox are your thing, a wood-fired pie topped with smoked salmon and capers might be right up your alley. And of course, if you’re hungry for an all-American breakfast, you can try a pie dolloped with sausage and gravy.

Photos courtesy of OpenTable

These creations go way above a simple leftover pizza in your fridge, but don’t pitch that cardboard box quite yet! These mouthwatering meals show how much value there is in repackaging a champion of the dinner table as a breakfast staple, but what happens when you apply that logic to packaging itself? You can get mileage out of transforming a simple cardboard box. Even if your offering is exclusively B2B, your packaging is a built-in billboard for your product and your company. If you aren’t leveraging it at such, it’s time to repackage. Changes like incorporating stronger branding or enhancing the efficiency of your inner can go a long way toward improving your consumer’s outlook on your company.

Just like pizza being reborn as a gourmet breakfast, we know how magical repackaging can be. At Ernest Packaging Solutions we’ve delivered innovation in packaging for over 70 years, so trust us when we say it’s time to kiss your brown box goodbye. Download our white paper to learn the first steps from Ernest President Tim Wilson!