Ernest Packaging Solutions Success Story: Advanced BioHealing

February 29, 2012

With TempEndure® and Ernest Packaging Solutions, monumental strides are being made with temperature-specific packaging solutions.

TempEndure® packaging technology provides sustainable, customized packaging solutions that are developed and designed to provide cargo with a thermally effective environment. This optimized approach to packaging keeps sensitive contents, no matter what they may be, safe and sound.

Want to see Ernest’s TempEndure®  in action? Check out the Ernest Challenge Cobra Eggs video with our President, Tim Wilson.

While we like to have fun, our TempEndure® solutions have many other real-world uses.

A little more serious example is Ernest Packaging Solutions’ successes with Advanced BioHealing. The company is one of the regenerative medicine companies at the forefront of its field worldwide, and it is the producer and distributor of Dermagraft®, which is a break-through bioengineered tissue product for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

When patients are treated with Dermagraft®, they see results much more quickly than they would with more conventional treatments of diabetic foot ulcers.

However, shipping Dermagraft® to physicians who can provide care to patients can be a bit complicated. Dermagraft® has incredibly strict temperature requirements: -75˚±10˚C for at least 96 hours during shipping and temporary storage.

While this stringent parameter posed a great challenge, Ernest was ready to tackle it head on.

After Ernest Packaging Solutions delved into learning all the intricacies of BioHealing’s processes and needs, the company created for Advanced BioHealing a custom TempEndure® system and then tested it rigorously until the desired results were ultimately met.

Now Dermagraft® is on track to being safely and reliably delivered so health care providers can give patients in need the best treatment possible.

Do you have particular packaging needs similar to Advanced BioHealing that you need to have met? Our Ernest Packaging family is important and we treat our customers needs like we treat our own. Contact Ernest Packaging today to see what we can do for you.