Ernest Takes a Bite Out of Shark Week

July 24, 2018


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, it’s the 30th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week! Here at Ernest, we’re huge fans of the holiday, and we wanted to share our excitement with a packaging twist. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate Shark Week, Ernest style.

Fish Food Becomes Literal

If yummy gummies are your thing, look no further than the official snack of Shark Week. Swedish Fish has released co-branded packages of their iconic red candy, featuring the titular fish dressed up like sharks. In addition to this clever limited-edition packaging, the two brands are collaborating on a mobile game called Swedish Fish Chomped, where you can control a hungry shark gobbling down gummies.

Photo courtesy of Mondelēz International

Not Quite a Catfish

If there are two things that cats love, it’s cardboard and fish. The two come together at last in this clever take on a cat bed shaped like a shark! Your cat will get a nice snooze while you get a good chuckle at your furry friend resting inside the jaws of an ocean predator.

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat

Cruise ships took a big step to keep dangerous things out of the water… but what about dangerous things that LIVE in the water? Princess Cruises is hosting Shark Week-themed vacations packed with shark-inspired food and drink, activities and screenings of Discovery Channel’s programming before it goes live.

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises

New York, New Sharks to Admire

If you’re off to the Big Apple this summer, be sure to check out the New York Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Ocean Wonder: Sharks! While this exhibit will teach you everything you’d ever need to know about these fascinating creatures, you’ll also learn about how discarded plastics affect their environments. Thankfully, organizations are hard at work to remove plastics from our oceans and keep sharks and other sea creatures safe.

Ernest Goes Toe-to-Fin With Sharks

At Ernest, we’re no strangers to sharks. We’ll go to any lengths to develop and test sturdy protective packaging that can withstand the biggest hits —  by land or by sea. Check out our Ernest Challenge video to see president Tim Wilson meet the denizens of the deep (hammer) head-on and emerge with a package in pristine condition.